persian translation of Hafez Hafiz peoms‎
persian translation of Hafez Hafiz peoms‎، شعر انگلیسی حافظ، ترجمه انگلیسی شعر حافظ، ترجمه انگلیسی غزل حافظ

*+شعر حافظ به انگلیسی+*

20 خرداد 1391 | نسخه قابل چاپ | نویسنده : Shahrak
*In the hope of union, my very
life, I’ll give up
As a bird of Paradise, this
worldly trap I will hop.

*In the hope of one day, being
your worthy servant
Mastery of both worlds I’ll gladly

*May the cloud of guidance
unload its rain
Before I am back to dust, into
the air I rise up.

*Beside my tomb bring minstrels
and wine
My spirit will then dance to
music and scent of the cup.

*Show me your beauty, O
graceful beloved of mine
To my life and the world, with
ovation I put a stop.

*Though I am old, tonight, hold
me in your arms
In the morn, a youthful one, I’ll
rise up.

*On my deathbed give me a
glimpse of your face * So like Hafiz, I too, will reach the
شعر اصلی حافظ رو در ادامه مطلب ببینید.

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